MUST TRY: Camtasia video capture & editing software for SharePoint & other training videos

2011 01 13 MV to All: Just recently I was asked to prepare a set of SharePoint 2010 training materials, and recognized it was an excellent time to blog about one of my favorite tools in recent history – Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio.

Even after using it now for several years, I still find myself impressed at how useful it can be. I own only v5.01, and the current version is v7, but I tell you – I’ve never felt limited yet, and with a street price of $400 new, it’s actually easy to find a used LEGAL copy of v5.01 for under $100…

What does it do, and what does it look like?
Camtasia is a live screen-capture-to-video tool & editing suite. This makes it an amazingly simply yet powerful tool for doing live demos of ANY kind of software running on a computer – be it traditional “windows” or “winforms” appplications, or web applications, or simply slide presentations-as-video.

Here’s a sample from my current gig. Total prep time – about 45 minutes total, even after being rusty for over a year:

After I upgrade my WordPress account to accept/enable embedded video, I’ll provide a sample of a finished video…


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