UNDERSTAFFED? That’s when SharePoint matters MOST…

2011 01 02 MV to All: An interesting & ironic phenomenah I witness regularly is companies initially deploying SharePoint, then all-but-abandoning it “because they’re under-staffed, and need the resources elsewhere.”…


The irony is this: if your organization is under-staffed, that is when you need SharePoint MORE THAN EVER, because it is the only technology you have available to help your organize & synergize the staff you DO have.

LESSON: DON’T deploy SharePoint and then NEGLECT IT.
LESSON: DON’T deploy SharePoint and then OVER-CONTROL IT.  
LESSON: DON’T deploy SharePoint and then NOT ACTUALLY USE IT.

SharePoint is NOT magic.
SharePoint is NOT self-aware.
SharePoint IS a TOOL – a powerful swiss-army-knife of website-building technology.

If you’re under-staffed, y0u need to at least provide for 1 or 2 SharePoint evangelists to almost exclusively devote ALL of their time (not merely a few hours a week) to educating, promoting, problem-solving, educating, supporting, educating, organizing, educating, designing and educating the rest of your staff on SharePoint.

And did I mention educating?

Then you have to let those evangelists not only educate but EMPOWER all other users in your organization to USE SharePoint, with governance only by exception, not tyranny.

You need to let those evangelists educate all users – NOT merely IT users – in how SharePoint can help them – be it in engineering, sales & marketing, HR, manufacturing (yes – MANUFACTURING) – any department in your organization.

SharePoint is NOT for IT… it’s for EVERYONE.

MORE importantly – SharePoint really only works if and only if EVERYONE uses it.

Just thinking out loud as I look forward to the coming year.



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