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How to recover from stupidly over-coating your first FlexCoat. First let’s look at my first coat of FlexCoat, which started off really quite nice, then got thick too soon & too fast… but I just HAD ot try to slobber … Continue reading

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SECRET! SharePoint fastest, largest ROI can be done RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX

2011 01 20 MV to All: Yeah.. THAT got your attention. The amazing thing is, it’s a completely true, defensible statement. The greatest ROI SharePoint can offer comes when you accept the out-of-the-box functionality as-is, and simply GET BUSY USING … Continue reading

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MUST TRY: Camtasia video capture & editing software for SharePoint & other training videos

2011 01 13 MV to All: Just recently I was asked to prepare a set of SharePoint 2010 training materials, and recognized it was an excellent time to blog about one of my favorite tools in recent history – Techsmith’s … Continue reading

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BEST PRACTICE/HOW TO: Quickly Configure SharePoint 2010 publishing features with approval workflow only on SOME sites…

2011 01 18 MV to All: My current client has a brand-new corporate portal (root site + dozens of hierarchical subsites) done in SharePoint 2010, and wants publishing features enabled, but only a single easy-to-manage approval workflow used across all … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Decide when it’s time to leave your current gig…

2011 01 04 MV to All: Every once in a while in a person’s career the job begins to wear them down rather than build them up. The hard part is somehow deciding when enough is enough, and it’s time to … Continue reading

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UNDERSTAFFED? That’s when SharePoint matters MOST…

2011 01 02 MV to All: An interesting & ironic phenomenah I witness regularly is companies initially deploying SharePoint, then all-but-abandoning it “because they’re under-staffed, and need the resources elsewhere.”… 😐 The irony is this: if your organization is under-staffed, that is when you … Continue reading

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