SOLUTION: When your publishing pages are "stuck in edit mode"…

INTERESTING – ever have a client contact you and say their pages were “stuck in edit mode”?

When attempting to re-create this phenomena, I noticed the following…

The URLs contain additional “Query String Variables” called ControlMode and DisplayMode.

When creating at least some of the QuickLaunch Links, one or both of you inadvertently copied & pasted a URL which was not for the PUBLISHED version of the page (e.g. http://ServerABC:23453/sites/employeeportal/EMPLOYEESERVICES/Pages/Leave-of-Absence.aspx), but instead was the URL while that particular page was in “Edit” Mode – e.g. http://ServerABC:23453/sites/employeeportal/EMPLOYEESERVICES/Pages/Leave-of-Absence.aspx?ControlMode=Edit&DisplayMode=Design

The result is that every time a user clicked on its link, the underlying URL FORCES the page into EDIT MODE, hence the annoying behavior…

Use the appropriate link – Adjust the URL under the Leave of Absence link by removing everything after “.aspx”;

Hover over every one of the links created thus far, glance at the browser’s Status Bar to see where the link will go, and adjust that link if it contains those same Query String Variables which force it into EDIT MODE as well

Hope this helps anyone else who had similar experiences.



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