HOW TO: Enable mere mortals contribute items… but NOT DELETE anything.

2010 11 16 MV to All: On our current corporate portal project we had a need for all users to be able to contribute/submit candidate news articles for submission… In order for them to be able to “contribute” to a list, SharePoint OOTB settings would end up giving these mere mortals the ability to EDIT and even DELETE content from this list. Not a good idea, as users immediately started accidentally deleting other people’s news articles. Bad bad bad…

Solution actually is pretty straightforward:
DEFINE a new SharePoint Site Group = “Corporate Portal Users”
ADD only the special AD “group” (it’s not really a “group”) “NT\AUTHENTICATED_USER” to this SharePoint SIte Group.
=> anyone successfully authenticating on the network is in this group.

BROWSE to top-level site > Site actions > Site Settings > Permissions
DEFINE a new permission level called “Contribute & View Only”
– CHECK the following critical privileges:

Here’s a screenshot of the Admin page:  

The LAST item is the key, because viewing an individual item actually calls the DispForm.aspx page – a form/application page. If users DON’T have this privilege, then they end up being able to see the list of items, but when they click on an individual item, they’ll get an “Access Denied” message…

 So far so good.

MODFIY the permissions of the News Items List as follows:
-ADD “Corporate Portal Users” to the list, with “Contribute & View Only” as their privileges in this list

Here’s a screenshot:

SAVE your way out.

If you did it correctly, only key individuals (corporate content owners et al) have full “Contribute” privileges in this list; anyone else has access only via their membership (by simply being authenticated) in Corporate Portal Users, and they’ll only be able to add content, but neither edit nor delete it.




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