SharePoint 2010 TIP: Turn on Table Gridlines to make insertions easier…

As many of you working on your first SP2010 deployments have no doubt noticed, it’s really aggravating trying to do inserts of (say) web parts into a content page.

Here’s a common scenario: You’ve created a new publishing (content) page, added a 3-column table into it, and then added a few CEwp’s to those columns. But then when you try to add a few more webparts at the end of a column, SP2010 starts getting confused…

For some reason the new UI has trouble understanding that you’re trying to add another web part; instead SP2010 keeps placing your insertion cursor IN an EXISTING webpart, which is NOT what you wanted…

One trick I’ve found which helps alot is to simply “Turn On Gridlines” for the table you’ve added.

Here’s a screenshot of how to do this. The end result is that suddenly SP2010 has NO problem understanding that your insertion click is for inserting a new web part, NOT inserting new content:

Show Gridline Screenshot

Try it – you many find it VERY handy when SP2010 starts to annoy…



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