SO FAR…NOT SO GOOD: Already Problems with Password Protect…

Starlog 2009.12.27. Less than 2 hours after initial install, the utility Password Protect is already showing signs of unacceptable behavior. A folder named “Private Test” was readily locked with a password with no hitches, but immediately 2 idiosyncracies become apparent:
1. Locked folders now do NOT appear in the left hand pane of Windows Explorer (at least not in Windows 7); rather they only appear in the right pane view when you select the parent folder. This is completely UNacceptable, and makes me wonder what The Developers were thinking…
2. Locked folders now appear at the BOTTOM of the right hand pane, as opposed to retaining their alpha-sort order. Fhat the Wuck is all I can say. Stupid.

The last straw came when this morning (I installed only last night, protected a single folder, and did nothing with it at all) I tried to UNlock this folder, and watched in vexation as an error message said “can’t unlock this folder – there’s a problem with it”.

The phrase “password protected” and “client folder” and “BULLET-PROOF OPERATION” go hand-in-hand, so immediately this utility is getting UNinstalled. Apparently was created by teenagers for teenagers, for reasons known only unto them. It’s certainly NOT good enough for professional use. Yet.

Time to try yet another folder protection utility. It continues to amaze me how hard it is to find a good one.


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