FINALLY: Easy-to-use folder password protection for Windows 7…

SOMETHING THAT I’VE NEVER UNDERSTOOD is just how damn hard it is to secure a single folder in ANY Windows OS since Bill started his empire. I mean, am I the ONLY one who is a consultant, and who has a folder for each client on the same laptop, and needs to password-protect each folder – preferably with a different password per folder – so his clients can sleep well at night knowing their accounting and/or legal data is safe?
Well, after several years of owning & running the much lauded, OVER-rated Folder Lock v6 utility, just today I came across this small utility – Password Protect – and it seems to be the answer to my prayers.

Check it out:

I’ve already ditched Folder Lock, even BEFORE I’ve officially started testing this one. I guess I’m THAT sick of Folder Lock that I’m willing to try ANYTHING to get away from it.

So… stay tuned, and I’ll report back in a few weeks…


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