H.A.N.D.S. – Mark's Secret to a Great Golf Swing

So I’ve re-fallen in love with Golf, thanks in no small part to my newfound colleagues. As a result, I’ve taken an interest in helping one of colleagues who is a fledgling golfer, by providing him with just a few simple things he CAN think about, instead of MYRIAD things he’s NOT supposed to think about…

What I challenged myself to do was to try to sum up a great golf swing as simply & elegantly as I possibly could.

I wrote down the few things which have helped me tremendously over the years, and realized they (elegantly) formed an easy-to-remember acronym: “H.A.N.D.S.”. In fact, the points follow a natural progression as well, making them all the more mnemonic & elegant.

AIM for a speck only 12″ in front of The Ball;
NO more FRONT ELBOW; instead it is straight & stiff;
hit DOWN (slightly) on the ball;
SWING the club, do not “hit the ball”

These ARE 5 tasks you CAN think about concurrently, 5 tasks you CAN actually perform all simultaneously, and in so doing have a GREAT-looking golf swing, and therefore a great-PERFORMING golf swing.


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