Sharepoint Magic: The Much-Beloved "&ToolPaneView=2" trick…

EVERYTHING in Sharepoint is a web part page…

… but for the auto-generated list pages like NewForm.aspx, ViewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx, the Site Actions menu DISABLES (read !@#$%^&* HIDES) the “Edit Page” menu item, leaving The User thinking that the only way to edit these pages (say to added a CEwp with a
<!– tag which enlarges the main text box to something useable by someone with more than 2 fingers) is to open the page up in Sharepoint Designer (!@#$%^&*), UN-ghost the page (!@#$%^&*), and manually add the CEwp…


Simply by adding the query string variable "&ToolPaneView=2" to the URL of these aspx pages magically (there can be no more appropriate term) re-displays them as IF you HAD had the "Edit Page" view available !!!

From there you can add (say) a CEwp, and then put simple-but-oh-so-useful CSS tags like

.ms-rtelong{ height: 400px; width: 700px; } –>


to your form, and *VOILA* – you’ll be able to edit these aspx pages as the WEB PART PAGES that they ARE… and WITHOUT un-ghosting them from the original site definition !


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