Personal Productivity Tip: TO PROCESS, TO SKIM & TO STUDY folders on your desktop

EVER see one of your colleagues with literally a HUNDRED icons on their computer desktop? Ever have that happen to YOU?…

Well, MANY of these files fall quite naturally into 3 folders that can quickly help you corral and beat-into-submission all those pesky files….

I call them the TO PROCESS, TO SKIM and TO STUDY folders, but you can call them anything which makes sense for YOU…

The idea is to save all (well, most) of your desktop files to one of these folders, and you’ll quickly find your desktop cleaner, more organized, and you’ll then be able to:
– jump into the “TO PROCESS” folder and KNOW that what you need to do is “PROCESS” those items…
– jump into the “TO SKIM” folder and literally glance/skim through that material (then place it in your My Documents or elsewhere), and
– jump to the “TO STUDY” folder and KNOW that what you need to do is STUDY one or more of those docs and then move it into your My Documents or elsewhere…

Try this – you might be surprised at how less intimidating your desktop becomes.


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