Seeking Balance…

There are websites out there to over motivate you

There are websites out there to un/de motivate you

There are few websites (if any) out there which seek to aid you in finding BALANCE

Find the balance point in your life

It’s hard to describe what it is, but you’ll know it when you have it… and when you don’t.

Respect the balance point in the lives of others.

Believe that you can accomplish worthwhile things while maintaining your balance. [see image of tightrope walking over niagra falls]

Human pyramids are successful because everyone has good balance. Some are large and hold the others, some are small and are on top, but all of them are necessary, and they all had good balance.

If you have bad balance, eventually you will fall down.

If you have good balance, you can accomplish feats that others only dream about.

Your balancepoint is unique, no matter how much those around you may wish (or demand) otherwise. Be at peace with this – that is the meaning of balance.

You have several aspects of yourself that require balance:
You are a physical being
You are an emotional being
Your Mental state
Your Spiritual state

You play several roles in your life – these too require balancing:
You are a person on this planet
You are a man/woman
You are a son/daughter
You are a grandson/granddaughter
You are a great grandson/great granddaugther
You are a brother/sister
You are an uncle/aunt
You are a cousin
Your are a boyfriend/girlfriend
You are a husband/wife
You are a father/mother
You are a grandfather/grandmother
You are a great grandfather/great grandmother

You are a neighbor
You are a citizen
You are a member of your church/temple

You are an employee
You are a colleague
You are a boss

When any one or more facets/roles is ignored, or any one or more of these facets/roles is over-played, balance is difficult to maintain – it will feel like there you are standing one-footed on the top of a flagpole, and there is a strong wind blowing from a certain direction.

You have several choices available to you to improve your balance:
* permit strong winds to blow from other areas, somehow cancelling each other out. This is the most common approach, but also the most destructive. Increasing pressure from all sides can often be construed as “filling” your life, but an increase in pressure can often lead to death, or at least a short life.
* reduce the focus on that facet of your life, thereby permitting you time & energy to increase focus in the areas being ignored. The result – while making those related to that facet unhappy – is that balance is renewed, and a more general, satisfying sense of well-being is achieved. There’s even room for doing nothing – a necessary ingredient in a balanced life.

You are active
You are inactive

You are noisy
You are quiet

You work
You think
You play
You exercise
You relax
You sleep

You eat with balance
You drink with balance
(note – this is a key area in which excess attention creates imbalance which impacts the whole of one’s life.

One very natural & successful way to achieve balance here is by simply increasing your participation in those other aspects of your life, by dipping into the time & energy used for eating. The effect is really quite remarkable – you’ll find that when you don’t give yourself idle time to think about eating, you don’t eat excessively, and your body begins to arrive at a more balanced weight…)

You think/ponder
You pray (not the same as thinking)
You take action

Pray – let whatever God(s) you believe in know what is going on in your life.

Man is by his very nature a spiritual being. Look around you at all the cultures of the world, and all the systems of beliefs. Every one of them – no matter what the race or specific details – is based on man possessing a spirtual aspect to his life. Even atheists – those who insist on negating this aspect – are in effect implicitly acknowleding man’s spiritual nature by their very effort to negate it. If it did not indeed exist, there would be nothing to bother trying so very hard to negate…

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