Windows 7 First Glance: I see "Vista… v1.1"

What am I missing here?

Over the weekend I downloaded the latest RC (May 2009) of Windows 7, because I was excited by the hoopla it was already getting in blogs, on news websites, and even on the radio. I created a VM in my (now beloved) VMWare Workstation 6, mounted the Windows7 RC.iso to it, and watched the semi-new Nicholas Cage movie “Knowing” in the DVD player whilst the Windows 7 install ran…

I don’t know which one I was more disappointed in – the movie or the new OS.

My first suspicion came when the installer fired up, and the VMWare VM looked at the CD key for the .ISO file, did some internal detecting of meta-data, and promptly considered the OS being installed “VISTA”…

My next suspicion was post-install, when what I SAW with my own eyes was – you guessed it – VISTA.

25+ years in IT (development & consulting) – I’m not by any means inexperienced nor under-educated. But when Microsoft (and apparently all The Emperor’s court) are lauding “Windows 7”, all I see is… Vista.

The Emperor has no clothes !
The Emperor has no clothes !

I don’t get it.

I pay $1298 bucks a year out of my own pocket for a personal MSDN subscription which entitles me to all Microsoft’s latest software… so WHERE is the “amazing” Windows 7 that everyone ELSE must have?

Nothing seems to have changes, but for what appear to be only minor cosmetic changes to the desktop, but widgets and the task bar. I must confess, I was expecting something REALLY different, judging from all the pundits’ praises.

For now I’ll dare to say my jury-of-one is still out on Windows 7, but I can’t help but think that Microsoft must be employing the very SAME marketing company that just hyped the hell out the latest Harry Potter movie – that too is another gilded turd.

Watch this blog for more TRUTH from a joe.average perspective, if you want to really know what to think of Vista 1.1 – oops – “Windows 7”.

– MV

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